Something NBC Did Right

Chuck S1 DVD boxI’ve given NBC (@NBC on Twitter) a lot of shit the past few years.  I only watch two of their shows, as I lost interest in The Office right around the time of Jim and Pam’s wedding at Niagara Falls.  That two-part episode was the last one I watched.  But despite all the garbage NBC has maliciously forced upon people (while they constantly reject it; see NBC’s ratings the last several years), the network has hit on a few gems.

One gem is Community, which has been yanked off the air unjustly, while vomit-inducing shows such as Whitney are allowed to remain on the air.  But this isn’t about that.  This is about one thing NBC did right, and that is the Peacock Network’s handling of Chuck.

Chuck started in 2007 and I think it’s a big reason for geek chic being popular and you even hear famous people call themselves geeks.  If you have a passion for something, it makes you a geek for it.  I have a passion for UCF Athletics, so I would be a UCF geek.   But you wouldn’t hear people call themselves a geek.

Chuck wraps its five full seasons (seasons one and five were only 13 episodes) with a two-hour series finale tomorrow night at 8pm.  This is a show that every year has been on the bubble about getting renewed, and NBC did the right thing in recognizing that while Chuck’s overall audience has waned since the second season, there was still a diehard loyal fanbase who loved the show.  Fans drove out in masses to buy five dollar footlongs as Subway started footing part of the production costs.  It made me go to Subway more.  Fans tweeted the companies whose advertisements aired during Chuck and promised to buy their products.  Fans launched countless social-media driven campaigns to let NBC know they wanted their Chuck, and NBC responded correctly, by giving the show yet another season.  One might argue that Chuck managed to hang around because NBC didn’t have a whole lot else, but the reason shouldn’t matter.

I’m a huge Chuck fan.  I’ve watched it since day one, and I was immediately hooked.  It’s a near-perfect blend of comedy, action, romance, and of course, geekiness.  And Yvonne Strahovski & Sarah Lancaster.  Wowserz.  But I will be the first one to tell you the day season 4 ended that the show has mostly run its course and was near the end.  This and the loyal fans were acknowledged and NBC pulled through.  The network came out and said, “This is it.  You’ve got 13 episodes to finish this off, and you’re done.”  And as fans, we should be thanking NBC for that.  Many shows have seen untimely demises, whether they were warranted or not.

Chuck has a smaller, but extremely strong fanbase that has outwardly shown the feelings it has for the show.  And NBC should be commended for allowing Chuck to be seen through to the end.   And it’s the perfect time for the show to end.  Hopefully the network realizes the similarities between Chuck and another one of its amazing shows (previously mentioned here and NOT Whitney) and allows history to repeat itself.

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