Apple more valuable than Exxon…for a little



So for a while today Apple had a bigger value than Exxon Mobile, which would make it the most valuable company in the US.  I’m by no means an Apple fanboy, but I say good for them.  I’d rather it be a company that makes quality products at reasonable prices (at least more reasonable than Exxon) than an oil company who continues to post record profits quarterly while most of the country is struggling with the cost of gas.  The interesting thing here is what each company offers – consumer electronics versus gasoline, the most well-known end result of Exxon.  Gas is something people need, in one way or another.  Gas for cars, gas for public transportation that people use, etc.  Apple sells consumer products such as the iPad, iPhone and Mac computers, which while very cool are not necessary.  I own an iPhone and an iPad, but I’m typing this on my Windows 7 HP PC.

This really shows the dominance that Apple has over the tech industry as well as electronics companies at large.  Apple has been turning continuous hits since the iPod launched back in 2001, with only a few minor bumps along the way (Apple TV, Ping).  Things were restored by the end of the day, but an interesting day nonetheless.

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