Weight Loss 2011

By putting this plan online, my goal is to get myself to commit to keeping with it, because after all, its online and public and I can be called on it.  Throughout the past year I’ve fluctuated in weight, as well as my determination to go to the gym.  If I’m sick, or just swamped at work and really tired, it’s forgivable to skip the gym every so often.  But I’ve made a habit of not going and in the past few months, I’ve probably averaged 1 or 2 trips a week which is just unacceptable.  Plus, I have to be better with preparing meals myself and cut down on lunch trips at work for the sake of convenience.

I feel that if I improve my diet and follow it strictly 5 days a week, plus bump up my total number of days that I go to the gym to a minimum of 4, then I can shed 2-3 pounds a week until I lose approximately 25 pounds.  My history with this diet shows that around then I’ll start to plateau.

So here it is.  Today is Sunday, October 16, 2011.  This morning I weighed 208 pounds on my scale.  My weekly goal of weight loss is 2-3 pounds.  Here’s how this should go over the next several weeks (up until Thanksgiving week):

Date Weight (lbs.)
10/17/11 208
10/24/11 205
10/31/11 202
11/7/11 199
11/14/11 195
11/21/11 193


This is 15 pounds in 5 weeks.  To accomplish this, here’s my gym plan:

Sunday: Full workout (1 hour weight lifting + 45 minutes of cardio)
Monday: Cardio trip (20 minutes) during lunch
Tuesday: Weeknight workout (30 minutes weight lifting + 30 minutes of cardio)
Wednesday: Cardio trip (20 minutes) during lunch, Weeknight workout
Thursday: Weeknight workout (30 minutes weight lifting + 30 minutes of cardio)
Friday: Cardio trip (20 minutes) during lunch
Saturday: Full workout (1 hour weight lifting + 45 minutes of cardio)

Of course this is a plan, and it will probably not come to 100% fruition.  But with this plan, there is at least one trip to the gym each day, and all gym trips are spread out to avoid fatigue.  There is an emphasis on cardio.

On the diet side, here is my diet plan for 5 days of the week – 4 weekdays, 1 weekend.  The other two days are less strict but obviously I won’t be gorging on burritos or anything like that.

Breakfast: EAS Protein shake
Morning snack: Detour protein bar
Lunch: 6 oz. chicken breast with potato
Afternoon snack: Almonds, Protein shake
Dinner: 6 oz. chicken or fish or Boca Burger + either salad or green veggies
Evening snack: Solid white albacore tuna fish with balsamic vinaigrette

Updates will be coming, follow twitter for more

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