The Food Truck Fascination

At first I didn’t get what I call the “Food Truck Fascination.”  It’s been catching on with friends of mine and I’ve been invited to go several times.  Here’s the deal if you don’t know about these things.  There have been events where anywhere from 10 to 30 food trucks all congregate, and it becomes a social event.  You can get a sampling of a bunch of different types of food, hang out with some friends, and hopefully have a good time.

It seemed to me like a mall food court.  I can do that whenever.  And it’s inside, so I’m not sweating like a pig after about 15 minutes of being there.  But I finally decided to go to one a few weeks back.  It was exactly as I thought it would be.  I had a decent time, no more no less.  I was hoping to get a few food items, which I did.  I also spent about $35 in the process, because these things aren’t cheap.  I got a tuna melt from the grilled cheese food truck.  The sandwich was delicious, but it was also $11 including a can of soda.

I also sampled something from a cleverly named food truck “Nacho Business” (or something like that) and some Korean food.  It was a decent time, but I still don’t understand the mass appeal of why these things are so popular.  I guess its just like most fads – it will come and then it will go.  It will have had it’s time in the spotlight, and then a ways down the road I think we’ll all be wondering about this.  Or maybe not.

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